UAB “DARBO TURAS“ Is a Reliable Partner for Your Business in Lithuania and Abroad

The employment of foreign workers in Lithuania is no longer a difficult and complicated process as it was
so far. Although the institutional requirements in this area are particularly high in Lithuania, the situation
is gradually becoming more favourable for both Lithuanian business and the foreigner employee

UAB “DARBO TURAS“ is an enterprise, that has been carrying out the processes of employing staff for
more than 2 years. The clients of the company "DARBO TURAS" are the representatives of small,
medium and large business sectors all over Lithuania
, who today successfully calculate the benefits of
their company by having adopted the solutions of the employment of the residents of third-countries.

How long does it take to get a potential employee?

Previously, it took a rather long time to find a suitable employee that met the needs of the employer, but
today we have a large database of employees that helps to find an employee faster than within 1 month.
Usually, the employee search period depends on the needs of the employer - the higher the needs, the
longer the search for the required employee may take, but normally it does not last longer than one month.
If we do not find such an employee according to the stated requirements, we talk to the customer - we try
to evaluate the customer's expectations and familiarise him/her with the current market situation. If we
still can't find mutual solutions, we suspend the search for the employee until the next employer's referral.

Do you prepare documents for the employment of employees from abroad?

Our company develops, prepares and thoroughly manages all documents of the employment of an
employee from abroad. If required, we work with professional translators, who translate documents in all
required languages. If there is a need for any certificates from one or another company, our job is to
provide all the necessary forms so that the customer does not have to worry about anything. If this
happens, that you find your employee on your own, however you do not know how to handle the
necessary documents - we can manage the employment process by preparing all the necessary documents
and performing all employment procedures.

Of which areas of activities specialists can you provide today?

In today's market, seasonal workers are the most demanded – these are agricultural workers, catering
staff, and people working in the accommodation sector. Long-distance drivers, builders, road construction
workers are also in special demand. However, regardless of what is the most demanded today, we find
employees based on the expectations and wishes of each customer. Having assessed the specifics and
needs of your work, we help you to find a fair employee, who justifies your personal expectations.

Why is it worth to work with the UAB “DARBO TURAS“?

The team of UAB “DARBO TURAS” consists of young, ambitious specialists and specialists with long
years of experience in their field of expertise. The staff of our company responsibly assesses the
expectations and wishes of each customer, so we always find solutions that meet customer expectations.
Our partners abroad are regular and reliable, so we can provide our clients in Lithuania with high quality
cooperation. For employers in Lithuania we provide employees, who meet their requirements, and for
employees - an employer, who meets their qualification and needs. Having long years of experience, we
have already established a close relationship with Lithuanian companies.