Why is it worth to employ a foreign citizen?

The employment of foreign citizens in a small or medium-sized business enterprise in Lithuania often
becomes the right decision to retain business, create added value and ensure the smooth running of the
company’s business and development.


In the regions, small businesses often face various problems. A tendency, that seasonal work increasingly
does not attract Lithuanian workers because of the nature thereof, has been noticed. The significant
shortage of long-distance drivers emerges. In the agricultural sector, there is also noticeable a clear
shortage of workers. Therefore, the employment of foreign citizens is one of the most justified solutions
in order to avoid additional unforeseen concerns.

• Foreign citizens, who come to work in Lithuanian companies, do not claim benefits paid in our
country, so they come here for the purpose of working and earning themselves a fair salary.

• A fact is noticeable that foreign workers promote internal competition among employees of the
company, which is a healthy driving force in small and medium business enterprises. Working
qualitatively, the company's performance is increasing, which leads to the fact that the companies
notice a clear increase in their profits.

• Seasonal workers, who have worked in Lithuania and have established a close relationship with
their employer, tend to return to their former job next season, so the employer avoids employee
rotation and at least partially secures his/her quiescence for the period of next season.

• The qualifications of foreign workers are not underestimated. Their knowledge and
competencies stand their grounds against Lithuanian workers, so when employing a foreign
citizen into their company, managers "shoot two bunnies": they get a new approach with new
ideas and have a qualified specialist in their team.

• Foreign workers value wages paid in Lithuania, so instead of choosing multiple jobs, they are
happy to establish themselves in an enterprise of one employer where they tend to work even
longer hours.

The UAB “DARBO TURAS” is a team of professionals working with Lithuanian small and medium
business enterprises
, which are interested in the decision of the employment of foreign employees in their
businesses. Based on long years of experience, the team of professionals of this company will advise you
on all matters relating to the employment of foreign workers.