Frequently asked questions

  • Timeframe required to find workforce
    Our practice shows that the recruitment process takes up to 1 month on average, but this highly depends on the requirements expressed my the customer in terms of experience, qualifications, etc.of the potential candidate(s). In cases where the recruitment process is unsuccessful (no candidates were found that meet the customer‘s criteria), these are investigated and recommendations are provided to improve the search for suitable workforce.
  • Do you assist with administration of legal paper work
    We carry all the necessary checks of legal documentation and verify recommendations on behalf of our customers. In additon, we can translate all paperwork involved into multiple languages.
  • What industries can you find work force for?
    We find workforce across all industries.
  • Why choose Labour Market?
    We are a company that is young, ambitious, flexible and socially responsible. We collaborate with a network of partners internationally to help us find the right candidates, who match the requirements of our customers. We fill the skills gaps across Europe through providing jobs to candidates according to their experience, skills and qualifications.